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A former actor, Megan has worked successfully as a writer in many mediums including theatre, film, television, documentary, magazines, blogs, and radio. Below are her writing credits for theater. A more comprehensive list of her professional credits as a producer, director, and magazine editor along with video clips from her documentary films can be viewed on this website.



KILLING MOM – Full-length Play (Writer)

Named to THE 2020 KILROYS LIST 

COMEDY/DRAMA - Think of all the times you’ve argued with your mother and thought, “I could just kill her!"  What if one day, she asked you to do exactly that?

American Theatre of Actors (ATA) (New York, NY) - directed by Jessica Jennings (Spring 2023)

ACT of CT - Staged Equity Reading (Ridgefield, CT) - directed by Tim Howard (July 2019)

Theater Artists Workshop - Staged Reading (Norwalk, CT)  - directed  by Megan Smith-Harris (March 2018, March 2017)


THE PLAY DATE  - 20 Minute Monologue (Writer)         

DRAMA - When a mother arranges a play date for her young son, she learns the little boy's family keeps guns in their home and it the conversation instantly becomes loaded. 

Play With Your Food (Greenwich, CT) - directed by Carole Schweid

Play With Your Food (Weston, CT) - directed by Carole Schweid

TAW Playwright's Festival (Norwalk, CT) - directed by Megan Smith-Harris 


A WHOLE NEW WORLD  - One-Act Play (Writer)

First Prize Winner 2016 Bijou One-Act Play Competition judged by Terrence McNally         

DRAMA - A granddaughter conceals something serious from her grandmother, but it turns out, her grandmother has a secret too.

Bijou Theatre (Bridgeport, CT),  Staged Reading - directed by Melody James

SMOKE BREAK – 20 Minute Monologue (Writer)

COMEDY/DRAMA - A woman who cleans houses for the privileged class in the Hamptons takes a smoke break and reflects on her life.

TAW Playwright's Spring Festival (Norwalk, CT)   - directed by Megan  Smith-Harris

MY FIRST PROM – 20 Minute Monologue (Writer/Actor/Director)

COMEDY - A woman recounts attending a disastrous first prom with a boy who was definitely not her first choice. 

TAW Playwright's Fall Festival (Norwalk, CT) - acted and directed by Megan Smith-Harris

THE NORM– National Radio Series, 50 Episodes (Writer/Actor)

COMEDY - A popular satirical radio series performed in front of a live audience at CBC Studios in Toronto, Canada. 

CBC National Radio - 50 half-hour episodes aired nationally on CBC Radio

MAD IN CANADA  - Two-Hour Comedy Revue (Co-Writer/Co-Producer/Actor)  

COMEDY - A topical comedy revue that ran

Old Angelo's Theater (Toronto, Canada) - ran for a year

Meridien Theater (Montreal, Canada) - ran for a year




COMPANY’S COMING – 20 Minute Monologue (Writer)

A stand-alone or companion piece to Smoke Break. A woman who seemingly has it all, reveals that looks can be deceiving. 

LESTER – 20 Minute Monologue (Writer)

A stand-alone or companion piece to to Smoke Break and Company's Coming. Lester, a blue-collar worker, has skipped out on a funeral and escaped to his regular watering hole. He reflects on his life, his marriage, and the fact he hasn't yet told his wife that he's been laid off from his job at the factory.

DAD– 12 Minute Two-Hander (Writer)

COMEDY/DRAMA - A daughter grapples with the challenges of dealing with her lonely father who still lives at home, but may not be able to for much longer.


Connecticut Press Club

Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County

Dramatists Guild of America

Film Festival Alliance

International Screenwriters Association (ISA)

League of Professional Theater Women (CT Chapter)

National Federation of Press Women (NFPW)

New York Women in Film and Television (NYWIFT)

Playwrights Guild of Canada

Theatre Artists Workshop


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