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“KILLING MOM is an extraordinarily clever new play that explores important issues that many families struggle with. We felt that the message of this new play would resonate with our ACT of CT audiences, and I am excited that our patrons [were] the first to experience this wonderful new script.”

—Daniel Levine, Artistic Director ACT of CT


“Great afternoon at ACT of Connecticut seeing a New Works’ reading of the new play Killing Mom written by our local talent, Megan Smith-Harris! The moving story addresses issues of mortality and family relationships through dynamic banter and well-timed humor. The wonderful talk back with Megan, Daniel Levine, Director Tim Howard and the cast was a true treat! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this play!”

—Betsy Brand, CEO Brandmark Studios


“Killing Mom is a beautiful, moving, and genuinely funny play. The complexity of the characters and subject matter are revealed with an authentic voice. We find ourselves laughing and then crying all within a page of dialogue.”

—Tim Howard, Theater Director


“Killing Mom is going somewhere/everywhere big and deserves to. A brilliant work, complex and yet simple, and thoroughly touching. Standing O.”

—Judy Higby, Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care


“I saw this reading and was thoroughly riveted. This is a compelling story of family, love, and facing the inevitable. It hits very close to home but is full of warmth and humor. Brava and bravo to all.”

—Doug Moser, Playwright/Director


“Killer Good!! You really hear how people talk and tell a terrific story!! More than ready for Prime Time. Extremely impressive.”

—Misti Tindiglia, Creator of “The List”


“I LOVED the play! So touching and such a gift the writer has to be able to take such a heady/controversial subject and make us laugh while making us think. Waiting for Broadway!”

—Susan Maurer, Writer


“This play was outstanding!! My friends and I love everything about Killing Mom. Get ready for Broadway!!”

—Norma Stockmar, Theater Patron

"I loved Killing Mom. It was such a powerful afternoon, and so poignant. Hilarious and touching--my favorite two things in any play, movie or book. I loved it, and I was so aware of the love and tenderness that went into writing it. Your voice just spoke so loudly throughout about Life-y-ness, and what it takes to be brave during some of the most difficult times anyone can face. It's hard to be funny, but this play is. And to be funny about death is truly an accomplishment!  I hope this play continues to find bigger and bigger audiences."

—Lisa Clair, Author

“I was excited to see, Killing Mom at ACT when I came up from Manhattan, and was very impressed with the play. I have been thinking about the characters for a few days actually. Even a staged reading portrayed the rich character development of the family of women. You don’t know anything about them at the beginning of the play, but by the end, you know their problems, strengths, and weaknesses. You learn their family history and how they cope. The play is not only humorous—some of the lines are very funny—it is also full of situations that are difficult to forget, sad and warm; sarcastic and sweet—at the same time. I really would love to see this staged and expanded. The content is worth more exploration. It is a very interesting and entertaining play.”

—Jamie Lawenda, Theater Patron


“Bravo! Wonderful writing, great cast and so fun to experience the venue! Loved it!”

—Jeanne Robertson, Executive Producer,  Every Three Seconds


“I was so impressed with Killing Mom! The play is very tight and well developed and you brought it off with both humor and heart.”

—Adeline Hooper, Author


“I met with a banker Friend of mine who attended Saturday and was moved to tears and laughter. She was totally absorbed with every character that she forgot it was a reading and rehearsal time had been so limited. She loved the experience.”

—Patricia Lowe, Theater Patron


“Congratulations on a beautiful reading of a very powerful script!”

—Joel Vig, Writer/Director/Actor


“Brava! What a full, enthusiastic house you had! It was fabulous.”

—Rachel Konstantine, Actor


“Your play is wonderful — I loved, loved, loved it and am so excited for the next phase of development and production for you! I TRULY enjoyed it!!”

—Pamme Jones, Executive Director, Ridgefield Theater Barn

“That family is my family—the one I grew up in and spent summers on the Vineyard. It was pitch perfect. I kept waiting for the “gravitas” and it was fast in the end—the ripping off of the bandaid. I loved the dialogue, I loved the presentation and how the story unfolds. You hit many, many cultural aspects with again, perfect pitch. In short, I think Killing Mom is what all plays should be—a non-stop ride. You made big points with zero preaching.”

—Karen Heller, Theater Patron

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